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True Blood

Carolyn Hennesy Reveals Scoop About Her New True Blood Vampire – Exclusive!

Arlene Fowler and Jessica Hamby had better watch out: A new redhead is coming to Bon Temps!

Carolyn Hennesy joins the cast of True Blood for season 5, playing Authority member Rosalyn Harris, a 200-year-oll vampire with a love of cigars and steaks. This Texan broad enjoys the finer things in life ... and likely gets her way almost all of the time!

We here at Wetpaint Entertainment have loved Carolyn since she first lit up the screen as tough lawyer Diane Miller on General Hospital. She then took her sass to Cougar Town as the sensual, always-on-the-prowl Barb.

Now that she's vamping it up on True Blood, Carolyn called us up to chat about her fiery new character and her future on the other shows in the first part of our Wetpaint Entertainment interview!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Were you a fan of the show before?

Carolyn Hennesy: I had actually not watched the show before. We didn’t get HBO, so the day after I was cast, we got HBO, and I spent the 10 days before Christmas [watching] — 48 episodes in 10 days.

It’s so easy to get sucked in, right?

No pun intended! It’s one of those things where you snatch yourself up by the head and say, "Where have I been for the last four years? What have I been doing?" It’s like candy. To me, it was like Halloween!

So what can you tell us about your character Rosalyn?

She is from Texas, or I should say, has been for maybe the last 200 years. She’s very old as vampires go, so her history before that is all over the world. She has been a member of the Vampire Authority for a very long time.

That whole settling of the West is right up Rosalyn’s alley. She’s a very dame gal. She’s a broad. She’s a dame. She likes a good joke and a good cigar and a good roll in the hay.

And when she was alive, she enjoyed a good steak. E-A-K not A-K-E.

It seems we're going to learn more about the Authority this season. What can you tell us about this mysterious group?

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There’s a tremendous battle brewing. There’s been hints about who’s coming back on the show and all of that. We have learned in the past that there are those who thoroughly believe in mainstreaming and there are those who don’t.

There are two main factions really of the vampire society — the mainstreamers and the fanguenistas. And Russell Edgington — we know he falls or where he fell: "we are vampires we will eat you."

The mainstreams, the Authority, sees the wisdom of assimilating with society. They outnumber us. They’ve made all these incredible strides in the last 2,000 years, not the least of which is creating drinkable blood, synthetic blood for vampires, well if they can do that, what else? What else can they do to help the vampire society?

And in order to be a part of that we have to assimilate and mainstream and let them know that we’re not really a danger. And that’s where the Authority is coming from.

Christopher Meloni has also been cast as someone in the Authority. Have you worked with him?

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I have worked with him for the last two months. It has been like a gift. like a master class. when Christopher Meloni speaks we go, "Oh that’s how it’s done." It’s just lovely working with him. He is very intense and rightfully so.

Can you tell me anything about his character??

He is the guardian. His name is Roman. He’s one of the heads of the Authority. He’s the one we look up to, and swoon over, and follow.

What’s your status on General Hospital?

Still on, but True Blood has taken a top dog position. Diane is still, as far as I know, still lives in Port Charles and is still running amuck. We haven’t seen a lot of her.

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Frank Valenti, who is the new executive producer, has really got his hands full and I do know that the new head writer has been such a fan of the show for so many years that he wants to put the veterans to work.

Listen, Diane can take a back seat quite easily. They’re doing their own thing over there.

What do you think she’s doing right now?

She’s probably writing some snazzy little gossip column. I’ve always said that Diane, first of all is Damien Spinelli’s mother, and No. 2, really wants to open her own blues club on the wrong side of the tracks.

Will we be seeing you on Cougar Town this season?

Barb will make an appearance on Cougar Town, yes. She flits in, drops an atomic bomb, and just walks away as the destruction spreads.

Yes, I love it. It’s so much fun. And this season will be no different when Barb makes her appearance. Everyone just withers around her.

Check back next week for part of Carolyn's interview, where she talks about working with the dreamy men of True Blood!

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