Castle and Beckett’s Most Romantic Moments From Season 4 (So Far!)
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Castle and Beckett’s Most Romantic Moments From Season 4 (So Far!)

At this point, nobody knows what’s going to happen between Castle’s main lovebirds, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. (Although we do have a few fun ideas. But we digress.)

Still, there’s one thing we do know: They’ve had quite the season. Hands have been held, flirtatious innuendos have been exchanged, and secrets have been revealed. Not that we’re so stoked on that last part.

With their dubious future in mind, we’ve decided to focus on all the good stuff that’s happened between Caskett in Season 4. So, without further ado, here are the seven most romantic Castle and Beckett moments from Season 4 so far.

And, please oh please, let there be more to come!

7. Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

Usually, we wouldn’t include a scene that happened in flashback on a list like this, but we just can’t not include Castle and Beckett’s smooch in the final scene of this ep. Although it was actually between 1940s Joe and Vera, it was still very cuh-yoot.

“I got no love for this thing, just you,” Joe/Castle says, burying the Blue Butterfly behind a brick wall. "Tell me you love me, Joe.” Vera/Beckett says. “Always.” he responds. Swoon!

6. Season 4, Episode 7: “Cops and Robbers”

After Beckett saves Castle and Martha from a hostage sitch, she’s beyond relieved to find her lovebug unharmed. Beckett smiles adoringly at her man and softly places her hand on his shoulder, beaming.

But just when we think the twosome might embrace — or better yet, kiss — Mama Martha interrupts. D’oh!

5. Season 4, Episode 19: “47 Seconds”

Usually, tough girl Kate Beckett seems unfazed by all the craziness around her, but the bombing in “47 Seconds” really struck a chord with the brunette bombshell and her partner.

“Their future, their plans, everything is just gone in flash,” Castle muses, referring to all the innocent bombing victims. And then, Beckett confesses: "It makes you think about those things in your own life that you don't want to put off anymore … "

Come on, guys. You’re so not talking about the victims.

4. Season 4, Episode 16: “Linchpin"

Reformed ladies man Rick Castle sure knows how to give a compliment. After sassy CIA agent Sophia Turner turns out to be the bad guy, Beckett asks Castle how he feels about it, particularly since he based his infamous character Clara Strike on her.

But while Clara Strike may have been his first muse-based character, she’s not his favorite. Not by a long shot.

“Clara started off like Sophia, but she ended up more like you,” Castle starts. “You know, smart, fierce, kind. I think that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to you — as a muse.”

Right. “As a muse.” Uh-huh.

3. Season 4, Episode 10: “Cuffed”

Nevermind that they were being held captive (and handcuffed) by a crazed crew of animal traffickers, Castle couldn’t help but smile when he realized he was waking up next to his beloved. “Stay in bed,” he whispered before fully coming to. Oh, if only …

2. Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime"

Martha Rodgers may be an awesome mom, but she’s also a total drama queen. The feisty red-headed actress puts on a play in her living room at the end of this ep, where she lovingly reveals that her “greatest role” was being a mother to Castle. But before her son can even get a handle on what’s just been said, Martha adds: “If only he had embraced the role of the son” with the same fervor. Um, ouch.

But at least Beckett is there to comfort him from the “Big Bad Wolf,” as she lovingly places her hand on top of his. Sigh! We’re still holding out hope that these two fairytale lovers find their own happily ever after.

1. Season 4, Episode 13: “Embarrassment of Bitches”

Hands have kind of been a big deal in Season 4. When Castle and Beckett decide to share custody of a too-cute golden retriever, the crime writer caresses Beckett’s hand all sensually (and unknowingly) while showing her how the dog likes his head rubbed.

Beckett pulls away (of course), but it’s OK. We so saw the chemistry.

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