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The Bachelor

Source Accuses Ben and Courtney of Having a Fake Romance

Are Ben and Courtney together for the wrong reasons? That’s what a source recently told Reality Weekly.

“They’re both addicted to the limelight, and they both want to be famous,” reports the mag (via Hollywood Life). “They are getting many freebies out of this ‘romance’ and that’s a hard thing to walk away from.”

Guess that’s an easy conclusion to jump to when you’re talking about a couple that got together on a reality TV show.

But here’s where the claim gets fishy. Continues the source, who says to have seen the Bachelor 16 couple interacting at the Night of a Billion Reality Stars gala last month:

“Ben and Courtney showed zero chemistry together. They showed no affection all night. They never touched or engaged each other unless it was for a picture. They certainly don’t look happy.”

Mmm... no chemistry? If there’s one thing Ben and Courtney have, it’s chemistry. Y’know, that very thing that drove other Season 16 ladies vying for Ben’s heart a lil’ nutty with envy? Yeah. That.

As for their alleged fame-whoring, the pair — who, if you remember, eschewed the usual post-finale media rounds in favor of working on their relationship — spent a pretty low key Easter weekend together with friends, wine, and the great outdoors... so can they really be as hungry for the limelight as the naysayers claim?

Source: Reality Weekly (via Hollywood Life)

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