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Zack Attack! Why Did Eric Milligan Leave Bones?

Remember back in the day when squintern Zack worked at the Jeffersonian? Sigh, good, socially inept times. Zack was president of the geek squad, and then one day he went crazy, started working for a serial killer named Gormogon, and was booked into an insane asylum. We still aren't over Zack's sudden departure from Bones, and neither is TJ Thyne (Hodgins).

"I’m so sad that Zack is not around," TJ tells Assignment X. "I think that Jack [Hodgins] has moved on and accepted the other interns, because he was pretty much hating life when he left."

Zack has made a few brief appearances since he left the show, and TJ hopes Hodgins will get to visit his friend sometime soon. "I loved visiting him," he says. "I’ll tell you, me and Eric Milligan and Emily Deschanel [Temperance Brennan], all of us, it was like just being with your best friends all the time. We would just crack up with each other and we had such a good time and we loved working with each other, so it was very sad when he left. But he’s off and he’s doing great stuff and yes, we’re all crossing our fingers that he comes back."

Fans have speculated that Eric left Bones on bad terms, but TJ says this couldn't be farther from the truth. "I know that Hart [Hanson] is a huge fan of Eric Milligan and they’re very much still good friends," TJ explains. "It had nothing to do with Eric as an actor or a human being. I think it was just, sadly, he got thrown to the audience-wants-to-see-something-dramatic and that seems to be the way it is now on TV, isn’t it?"

"Maybe 24 set the standard for that," TJ continues. "Anyone is susceptible to leaving at any chance and it seems to build the audience’s desire to watch – 'Ooh, someone might leave, someone might die.' I don’t know. I loved that character."

We're right there with you, TJ! Fingers crossed that Zack makes his triumphant return to the Jeffersonian during Bones season 8!

Source: Assignment X

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04.12.2012 / 10:10 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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