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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Bethenny Frankel’s Assistant Julie Plake Says Not Being Around Bethenny and Her Family Is “Like Having an Empty Hole”

On the April 9 episode of Bethenny Ever After, Bethenny Frankel’s assistant Julie Plake informed her boss that she would soon be heading back to Pittsburgh to be closer to her boyfriend and family.

Longtime Bethenny fans know that Julie has been part of Bethenny’s family (Skinnygirl and otherwise) for quite some time, so her departure was more than just an employee moving on. Both ladies were understandably emotional, but ultimately understood that going back to Pittsburgh was in Julie’s best interests.

In her latest blog for, Julie writes, “Watching this episode was emotional for me, because my decision to leave was a difficult one. But as you can see from Bethenny and my reactions, it was the right decision.”

As for that difficult conversation with Bethenny, Julie continues, “I felt very strange having the conversation with Bethenny on the couch because I knew that it would be the end of an ‘era’ and that things would never be the same.”

Luckily, Julie maintains that she will always be close with Bethenny and Team B, thanks to Baby Bryn.

“However, I will always be a part of Team B and part of their family. Bryn is my godchild and nothing is more special than that,” she continues.

While Julie knew that the decision to move back home was a difficult one for her to make, she wasn’t fully aware of the effect it would have on Bethenny until she watched the episode and saw B confide in her therapist, Dr. Amador, during their weekly session.

She writes, “I guess I didn't realize until I saw this what an extreme part of her life I had become. I always knew it, but seeing her get emotional like that made it more real. Bethenny and her family have become a HUGE part of my life. I saw them EVERYDAY all day … not being around them is like having an empty hole.”

We’ll miss watching Julie and Bethenny interact with each other, but we’re glad that Julie has found what makes her happy closer to home!