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Castle Star Tamala Jones on Castle and Beckett: “They Are Going to Hook Up” – Exclusive!

Fans have been crying “will they or won’t they?” about Castle and Beckett for ages. And now, series star Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish, has given Wetpaint Entertainment her expert opinion on the matter.

“I truly believe that they are going to hook up at some point,” she said in an exclusive interview. “But that’s a sticky situation. You’ve got to be careful on that one, not to give too much up too soon.”

Tamala thought the recent two-part “Pandora” and “Linchpin” storyline advanced the Caskett relationship, showing Beckett getting jealous of Castle’s powerful lover Sophia (Jennifer Beals).

“What I loved about [it] was you got to see Beckett get a little jealous behind someone who was kind of like her. And in the end, she finds out this woman was terrible to begin with, and ‘I’m really the best in your life of all time, Castle. I’m not letting your girlfriend come rescue us. How many times did you have sex with her?’”

“I thought that was touching and good enough because you don’t want to do too much. We had this fantasy in 'The Blue Butterfly' with them kissing. We saw them kiss, but I think [Castle creator] Andrew’s [Marlowe] good at teasing the audience.”

Still, Tamala admitted to Wetpaint, Castle fanatics “want more.” And soon, according to her, they’ll get it!

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