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Emily Deschanel on Potential Bones Wedding: Could Brennan Propose to Booth?

Will Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) get married before Season 7 is up? It’s the question on every Bones fans’ mind!

David Boreanaz, for his part, seems to have no problem feeding into the fan frenzy. He’s been tweeting on-set photos inside a church and talking vaguely about weddings since last week.

Now, Emily Deschanel is adding her voice to all the wedding speculation. The actress tells TV Line that though Brennan would have never considered marriage in the past, her views appear to be changing.

“She’s always been against marriage – at least for herself – and has seen no need for it,” Emily says. “But maybe after having a child it will become more important to her. You saw her wanting him to ask her, but him putting it back in her court. It seems she may consider it now.”

Back in BonesSeason 7 premiere, Booth told Brennan (jokingly? maybe not so much?) that they would get married... and that she would be the one to propose! Emily confirms to TV Line that she “absolutely” believes her character would able to do just that, adding “Brennan would be fine asking a man if she felt that was a rational thing to do.”

So will there really be a wedding Bones’ big Season 7 finale – or is this all just a big distraction to keep fans from discovering the real cliffhanger? Whatever’s coming, we’ve known that the series is about to be “turned on its head.” What do you think is in store? Sound off in the comments!

Source: TV Line

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