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Glee Spoilers! Will Kurt and Rachel BOTH Get Into NYADA?

Update: If you've seen the Glee Season 3 finale, then you already know. Rachel gets into NYADA. Kurt doesn't. Ouch.

Aside from a few teases here and there – and all that talk of it being “revolutionary” – we really have no idea what is goin’ down on Glee in Season 4. The next few weeks are going to set the stage for where some of our favorite characters will be headed post-graduation, and if a recent interview with star Jane Lynch (Sue) is to be believed, one of those characters might not exactly be following the path that they’ve been dreaming of!

At the premiere of Jane’s new movie The Three Stooges, she chatted with PopStop TV and let slip one heck of a tease. Prepare yourselves…

When asked about what’s to come on the show, Jane told PopStop, “We’re gonna find out who gets into NYADA. Kurt [Chris Colfer] and Rachel [Lea Michele] auditioned and one of ‘em gets in, one doesn’t.”

All together now: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Yep. What a harsh reality that will/would be! Sounds like Whoopi Goldberg’s guest-starring role will be bringing some heartbreak along with it for one of our fave McKinley highers!

So the question is, whose dreams are set to be squashed? Both Kurt and Rachel are in mostly-rock solid relayshes, so at least they’ll have a consolation prize of some sort (continuing ‘shipped bliss?) – but can you even imagine how Rachel will react… regardless of who gets left in the dust?

This is too much for our brains to even compute!

Source: PopStop TV

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04.13.2012 / 11:31 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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