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Game of Thrones

Meet Brienne: Gwendoline Christie Describes Preparing to Play the Game of Thrones Fan Favorite

Do you think there just aren't enough characters in Game of Thrones yet? Well good, because we're going to be meeting some more when we move to Renly's camp on Season 2, Episode 3: "What Is Dead Can Never Die." One such new character is warrior woman Brienne, who is a major fan favorite from the books.

Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne, recently spoke to SFX about the lengths she went to to get the part. "I wanted the part so very badly because from reading the books the character was so like elements of myself and the kind you’d always want to play," she explained.

In the books, Brienne is described as a massive woman whose physical largeness makes her very out of place in Westeros' world of strict gender norms. Gwendoline, who is 6'3", said she appreciated finally finding a character where "complexities of being an extremely tall woman are explored."

While she had been tall in common with Brienne from the get-go, Gwendoline admitted that she had to hit the gym to get ready to play the sword wielding maid, who she describes as "not just tall, but big, broad, phenomenally strong."

Just to prep for the audition, Gwendoline "started working out and lost a stone and a half. [I] did cardio-vascular exercises and I began to do yoga regularly. I stopped drinking, changed my diet entirely, and when I learnt I had a meeting coming up, I started kickboxing."

Gwendoline even changed her everyday look, moving from a very feminine style — " long blonde hair... lots of make-up... high heels" — to "wearing very unisexual clothing" to help tap into Brienne's more masculine presentation.

We're sure that commitment to the character will manifest in a great performance (the casting department has yet to let us down, after all), and we look forward to meeting Brienne on the small screen on Sunday.

For more from Gwendoline, read the whole interview here.

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