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Jersey Shore

Relax Everyone: Snooki’s New Bleached Blond ‘Do Didn’t Harm Her Baby

Like Kourtney Kardashian before her, Snooki is getting slammed by fans and critics for dying her hair while she has a little meatball in the oven. Some people take issue with the star putting potentially harmful chemicals on her head while she is still expecting. However, the reality star claims that her new hair color is completely safe.

When a fan asked Snooki if her new blonde-ish ‘do was safe, Snooks set the record straight on what kind of chemicals were cookin’ on her lil’ noggin’.

“The blonde is extensions and [my hairdresser] used ammonia free lighter and organic color to make it dark again,” Snooki tweeted. “All safe 4 us preggers girls!”

Fans can rest easy knowing that the littlest Jersey Shore star wasn’t putting bleach on her long locks during her pregnancy. Besides, as other celebrity moms who have colored their hair have noted, there have been big advances in hair color over the past few years and some (note how we didn’t say all) are safe for pregnant women. The more you know!

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Source: Twitter

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