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The Girl Behind HBO’s Girls: 5 Things We Love About Lena Dunham

In case you haven’t heard, HBO’s new show Girls is going to be a big deal. And it’s all thanks to one Miss Lena Dunham, whose first feature film, Tiny Furniture, was a quietly huge hit at Sundance in 2011.

As we’ve shown in previews, Girls will tell the stories of four young women in their mid-20s who are trying to get their lives started in New York City. The realities of how much it costs to live there, how little entry-level jobs pay, and how luck-of-the-draw New York dating can be at best, are all seen through the eyes of the four distinct characters.

As an ode to Lena, with five of the many reasons why we dig her:

Her body is refreshingly normal. And she’s not afraid to present said body to the world on-screen. Tiny Furniture featured the then-22-year-old walking around her (real-life) Tribeca apartment without any pants. A lot. And the Girls pilot episode is said to be full of more pants-less shots of Lena, only this time around, she’ll be in far more compromising positions than just walking.

Her Twitter feed. Recent entries include, “How many of us are sustained by the belief that our unseen neighbor might be someone we could fall in love with?” and “No more movies where girls write something into a frosty/misty window with their delicate finger. Great, thanks!” Follow her @lenadunham.

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She’s honest. There is nothing romantic about Tiny Furniture, or, judging by the trailers, the first episode of Girls. No goo, no saccharine sugary love stories, and no perfect couples. There’s bad sex, realistic 20-something girl problems, and everyone’s broke. Which is to say, do not expect a younger, prettier Sex and the City.

The Girls poster. Speaking of things that look nothing like Sex and the City, we applaud Lena’s decision to make the Girls poster look the way it does. Only one pair of high heels, Lena’s tattoos on full display, no need for a token blonde, and what we’re pretty sure is a bruise on Lena’s left knee.

She speaks up for actual girls. Remember that hateful quote from a Two and a Half Men producer about there being too many shows written by and about girls on TV? Well he got punked by Lena, who told The Huffington Post, "I felt especially bad for him because it's not even a funny joke. If you had a good quip, I'd be like, 'Well, you're a dick, but at least you're a good comedy writer.' But with that, I was like, 'Come on, dude. Labia saturation point?'”

Girls premieres on Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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