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What “Shocking Action” Does Victoria Take to Help Daniel Get out of Prison on Revenge?

Revenge’s Victoria Grayson is used to things going her way. So when her only son — and, let’s be honest, her favorite child — gets sent to Rikers Island, we knew that wouldn’t fly.

According to a new spoiler clip, “Barring a life-threatening condition, Rikers will be Daniel’s home for the foreseeable future.”

But we couldn’t let Danny boy rot in jail!

So, what is the “shocking action” Victoria takes to get him sprung from the pokey? Here are three possible answers:

1) Pays the judge off

And it wouldn’t be the first time …

Victoria paid off the judge in Daniel’s reckless driving case so he could walk free. But it doesn’t seem like this judge would be game for any of that nonsense. To work it would have to be a pretty steep price tag. Everyone needs their own private island!

2) Tunnels Daniel out, Shawshank Redemption style

This option seems a bit drastic, but we’ve seen this woman at her most vicious, and she is a force to be reckoned with. That being said, she rarely raises her voice and always has an eerie calm about her, just like Andy Dufresne, so we could see her already hatching the plan to tunnel out with a rock hammer … or a silver spoon.

3) Stages the in-prison attack on Daniel

This one seems like the most likely action. Since Daniel won’t be released unless there is a “life-threatening condition,” it only makes sense that Victoria would threaten his life. In a controlled way, of course. In a spoiler clip we see Daniel being beaten to a bloody pulp in the jail’s showers. The act is pretty shocking at first, but what if it was staged?

What do you think Victoria’s “shocking action” will be? Comment below!

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04.13.2012 / 12:58 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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