For Jersey Shore Season 6 to Be a Hit, Sammi & Ronnie Need to Get Back Together
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Jersey Shore

For Jersey Shore Season 6 to Be a Hit, Sammi & Ronnie Need to Get Back Together

One of the reasons why Jersey Shore Season 5 was a bit of a snooze (among others) was the lack of drama between everyone’s favorite couple to hate on, Sammi and Ronnie.

In past seasons, there have always been some excellent SamRon storylines, from the cheating accusations in Miami to the furniture fisticuffs in Season 3. But this past season, while they were together, they were cool as cucumbers — except for the time Sammi got into a fight, but since it wasn’t with Ronnie, did it matter?

Back in Season 1, watching Sammi develop her crush on Ron Ron was, in retrospect, kind of adorable. Sure, Sammi had to reject The Situation in the process, but he had it coming. Then in Season 2, the first relationship explosions began, with Sammi accusing Ronnie of cheating on her in the South Beach clubs.

FurnitureGate, of course, happened in Season 3, and despite Pauly D’s protestations that watching them fight was making him want to kill himself, you had to admit that it was entertaining television. And we also felt like we were watching the way this couple honestly fought, with no staging or subtle direction from Jersey Shore producers on the side.

And who can forget how the fight between The Situation and The Cement Wall from Season 4? It was all thanks to a SamRon fight about whether or not Ronnie was bringing a girl to visit him while he was still a single dude in Europe.

For Jersey Shore Season 6 to Be a Hit, Sammi & Ronnie Need to Get Back Together
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But Season 4 in Florence was ultimately amusing — watching Sammi try to win back Ronnie’s love. The rooftop scene! And when they were filmed out together, you could see how much fun they were having being around each other. This was an actual love story.

So what gave on Season 5? We have a feeling that SamRon was well aware of how annoying they could be to most viewers, so they purposely turned down their passion a notch or two. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else of note going on this season, except for The Situation’s mind slowly unraveling.

To make Season 6 a real success like previous JS seasons, those two crazy kids need to fall in love (and out, and get back together, and tell each other they’re “done,” etc.) one last time.

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