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Gossip Girl

Is Gossip Girl’s Dan and Blair Storyline Hurting the Show?

Even though Gossip Girl is almost assuredly renewed for at least a partial season next year, it’s no secret that the ratings for Season 5 have been consistently hitting series lows. Buoyed by their landmark 100th episode in early 2012 — which was the highest rated ep of the season, and still well below half the viewers the series had at its height — ratings for the last two weeks have faltered, hitting just below the million-viewer mark...


And because season five has been alllll about the drama of Chair vs. Dair, we can’t help but speculate: Is Dair bad for Gossip Girl?

Let’s face it, at this point, audiences have been teased for four seasons about the fate of Chuck and Blair. B and her dark knight are GG’s answer to Ross and Rachel! (Though much more schemey…) Chuck is the Logan Echolls to B’s Veronica Mars! (With better clothes…). We’ve always been soooo convinced of it!

Until, that is, this season, when all of a sudden Dan Humphrey stepped up to the plate to win over Blair’s heart… and then swiftly DID! We can’t lie, the build-up to their current romance was kinda hot, but has their current, more settled situation (read: zzzzz) taken the thrill out of the whole series?

Us? We’re impartial. We’re gonna keep on loving GG no matter what comes our way. But we’re starting to wonder about the rest of ya. Are you watching or not watching because of the Dair-centric storylines?

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04.14.2012 / 12:14 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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