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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Is Jody Claman? Meet The Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Self-Made Millionaire!

Jody Claman is living the American Dream! Well, if your version of the American Dream is wearing tiaras and fondling your hair extensions.

This Real Housewife of Vancouver is a self-made millionaire, who earned her cash by starting a catering company with a mere $800-dollar investment. Jody describes herself as "Martha Stewart on acid" (, and when she isn't busy with her multi-million-dollar catering business, she can be found in her luxury clothing store, Glass House. And don't worry — if you're in need of a fab new jacket, Jody has you covered with her very own clothing line! “Once you make a million, it’s quite easy thereafter," Jody says. "And money’s power. Especially once you get to the 5, 10, 15 million, 20 million and ... you realize, God, I’m a brand.”

So, what does this go-getter glamazon get up to while she isn't raking in the big bucks? Jody's a devoted mother to her three kids and a fabulous wife to her second hubby. "My eldest daughter, Mia, and I are very, very close," Jody blogs. "She has a big personality — like me — and we both over-talk each other, which gets us very frustrated. It’s a normal tumultuous mother/daughter relationship."

Jody might be a powerful Canadian socialite with an eye for design, but she's also a do-gooder. Her foundation, Larry Lunch Bucket, helps feed homeless and mentally ill people in Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park. "It really stretches your soul," Jodi says. "We’re waiting for the government to give us our PAC number so we can start taking donations. So far, I’ve donated all the proceeds, about $50–60,000 in the past nine months … I come from one of the wealthiest postal codes and I want to feed these people."

Does Jody's life story have you inspired? Then you'll probably want to pick up a copy of her up-and-coming book, which seriously better have a chapter about her eclectic taste in headwear.

Source: Dose, Slice, The Globe and Mail

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