Bachelor Feud Alert! Erica Rose Takes On Vienna Girardi Over Kasey Kahl Abuse Accusation
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Feud Alert! Erica Rose Takes On Vienna Girardi Over Kasey Kahl Abuse Accusation

It’s like Bachelor Pad 2 never ended!

Quick history: Bachelorette 6’s Kasey Kahl and Bachelor 9’s Erica Rose hooked up before Kasey started dating Bachelor 14 winner Vienna Girardi. They all seemed to be good friends going into Bachelor Pad 2. Fast-forward to Kasey and Vienna breaking up and Erica is clearly on Team Kasey. Rubber-neckers can now watch Kasey and Vienna not fix their relationship on VH1’s Couples Therapy — although Erica already diagnosed the problem as being Vienna’s lack of truth-telling (among other things), according to an interview she did with RumorFix.

Bachelor Feud Alert! Erica Rose Takes On Vienna Girardi Over Kasey Kahl Abuse Accusation

"Vienna is just so mean and belittling to guys [whom she dates]," Erica told RumorFix. "She is always trying to victimize herself when she is not really the victim, ever! If you spend any time around her on or off the camera you will know that."

Erica said Kasey is not abusive, as Vienna claimed. "If anyone's abusive it's Vienna. She was constantly being such a bi*ch; she uses a guy until she gets what she wants from him. I could not believe that Kasey was putting up with her. He was nothing but nice to her." Erica said a lot more, but it boils down to: "Honestly, I just hope no one believes her side of the story."

RumorFix quoted Vienna’s response: "All Erica Rose does is try to keep herself in publicity by talking bad about everybody else, that’s it. She talks crap about people to keep herself in the spotlight. Period."

They continued the battle of words in the Twitter-verse, with Vienna tweeting: "It so sad when the only way people can keep there name in the spot light is by talking trash about someone else @LegallyErica." Ooh, namecheck!

Erica responded, "@ViennaGirardi I never say anything that isn't true, so if you consider what you did to @KaseyRKahl trashy then I must agree with you."

Guess that friendship is officially dunzo. (Line forms behind Gia Allemand, Erica.)

But whatever tough spot she is in now when it comes to tabloid rumors, not only has Vienna been here before (with Bachelor ex Jake Pavelka — as if you forgot!), she’s happy enough with how it’s all turned out. She’s back with the love of her life — her off-and-on college sweetheart — and seems satisfied with her Couples Therapy experience, tweeting,@KaseyRKahl & I are both much happier and gained so much from the experience of couples therapy. Thank you @DrJennBerman.”

Meanwhile, Kasey has been staying out of the fray off-screen, just re-tweeting notes of support as his emotional story plays out on screen. Now that he appears to be working through his issues, could you... possibly... in any way... imagine Kasey as the next Bachelor? If he promises to not sing?

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