Gossip Girl Promo for Season 5, Episode 20: “Salon of the Dead” — Our Frame-by-Frame Analysis!
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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Promo for Season 5, Episode 20: “Salon of the Dead” — Our Frame-by-Frame Analysis!

Lonely Boy is lonely no more — and pretty soon everyone will know it. So what can we expect from Blair and Dan’s big coming out soiree in Gossip Girl's Season 5, Episode 20: “Salon of the Dead”? Unfortunately for Dair, not everyone will be wishing them well. We dissect every scene of the new promo so as to better prepare ourselves for the trainwreck festivities!

Scene #1: Blair and Dan will debut as a couple. That’s what Blair tells Dan, so nonchalantly while we freak out at the thought! They are the perfect image of a happy couple as they play host, mingle, and even engage in some PDA! Surely it won’t go so smoothly for the full hour...

Scene #2: Things don’t go so smoothly when some unwelcome guests attend. Popping in are Nate, Chuck, Serena, and Lola, but it seems that Serena and Chuck are the prime suspects making Blair uncomfortable — understandably so, although we don’t know how she expected to have a party without her best friend coming through. (Serena is at least faking her happiness for them.) Chuck seems oblivious to what it is he’s attending so expect Ed Westwick to give some good heartbroken face in this ep.

Scene #3: Lola films Serena talking to Diana. So much for family loyalty! Serena outs Lola at the end of Episode 19: “It Girl, Interrupted,” and now it seems that Lola is scheming against Serena (or Diana, with Serena caught in the process).

Scene #4: Chuck demands the truth. But from whom? As much as we’d like it to be about Blair, we’re going to assume that it’s more about his mom. Does he discover the connection between Diana and Bart Bass at the party? Is that what Diana and Serena were talking about? We sure hope this doesn’t get out in an ugly way...

Scene #5: A secret may get out in an ugly way when Lola confesses to Nate that “it’s gonna be all over Gossip Girl”... but what is the “it’s” in this situation, you say? Are you not paying attention?

Scene #6: Blair assures Dan, “We can handle this,” wearing the most strained look on her face. A party unexpectedly gone out of control on the UES? NBD. Blair and Dan have been through a lot more than a party gone unexpectedly out of control with surprise guests and some damning Gossip Girl blasts.

Scene #7: Party foul! And Lola seems to be the culprit. We know we said our UESers have dealt with a lot more than a party gone off the rails but just how much “damage” is Serena accusing Lola of causing? If it’s about something that went out to Gossip Girl, doesn’t Serena have the power to not put it up? Must be something even bigger than a blast gone wrong. Either Lola has really shaken things up... or Serena is seriously on a mission to scare her cousin and new rival out of town.

Is Serena hitting a new low with her desperate attempt to retain her It Girl title?

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04.15.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Semhar Debessai
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