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5 Things to Remember Going Into This Week’s All-New Episode of Revenge!

Revenge is finally back from hiatus (worst month of our lives, FYI), and we couldn't be happier!

But before we pop open a celebratory bottle of Cristal, let's take a moment to rehash a few important plot points. After all, revenge is sweet — but it's also super complicated!

1. Daniel's Being Held in Jail Without Bail

Time to pour out some Patron for Daniel, because there's no way he's going to come out of this experience the same WASPy blue blood we used to know and love.

Daniel is currently behind bars, and the worst part? The judge didn't allow him to be let out on bond. Actually, never mind — the worst part is that it's been days since his last lobster roll.

2. Amanda and Satoshi Are Missing, and Satoshi (Probably) Killed Daniel!

Last time we saw Fauxmanda, she was bleeding to death and riding shotgun in Satoshi's sweet wheels. RIP, The Amanda? Maybe, maybe not.

We're also 99.99 percent sure that Satoshi popped Tyler full of bullets (after all, he was wearing black gloves at the crime scene), but our real question? Did Nolan aid and abet by helping Satoshi with the security cams?

Credit: ABC    

3. Victoria and Conrad Are Getting Along … For Now

Looks like Victoria and Conrad have decided to put their differences aside in order to present a united front in the wake of Daniel's arrest. But how long will these schemers hold out before one of them stabs the other in the back with a shiv made out of hundies?

Let's not forget that Conrad has his eye on Ashley — who by the way, just double-crossed the family by leaking pics of Daniel to the media. How devious!

4. Declan Suspects That Jack Killed Tyler

Declan found Jack's hoodie covered in blood, and it looks like he thinks Jack is a cold-hearted murderer. When push comes to shove, will Declan sell his big bro out and tell the truth about seeing him on the beach, or lie to protect his family?

5. Emily Is Worried That Daniel Suspects Her

Before he was pumped full of lead and left for dead, Tyler showed Daniel and incriminating photo from Emily's revenge box, and now Danny Boy is suspicious. Hopefully, he'll realize that Tyler was a rambling Klonopin addict with cray-cray taste in facial hair, but we're worried.

Will Daniel realize what Emily's up to?

Don't forget that Revenge is (finally) all-new this Wednesday, April 18 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC!

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04.16.2012 / 11:33 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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