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Castle Guest Star Adam Baldwin on Reuniting With Firefly Co-Star Nathan Fillion: It Was Like Slipping Into an Old Brown Coat

Tonight, Firefly alum Adam Baldwin will take on new form as gang unit cop Detective Ethan Slaughter on Castle. Since this will be the first time Baldwin and old crony Nathan Fillion (Castle) will reunite on-screen in eight years, everybody’s excited — especially the stars themselves!

Baldwin’s been on the press circuit the last few days, and in honor of his visit to the 12th tonight, we’ve rounded up a few of Baldwin’s best quotes — and juiciest spoilers — from his various interviews. Prepare to be entertained — or else!

“More serendipity I think. Castle is in a bit of a transitional phase with Beckett, figuring things out, and this was an opportunity to see another side of law enforcement, and Slaughter is in turn using Castle for selfish reasons. It’s a partnership of convenience for both,” he tells The TV Addict.

As long as Castle comes out alive, we're OK with him seeing things from the other side. If anything, he'll come to realize that the grass isn't always greener, and run right back into Beckett's loving embrace. Or, you know, the empty chair beside her desk.

“It was returning the favor from the old days of Firefly and Serenity, when [Nathan] would kick my ass," Baldwin dishes to BuddyTV. "[Fillion] just loved being able to be put in that position too."

Sorry, Nate. What goes around comes around!

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

"Working with him is like slipping on an old comfortable brown coat," he explains to The TV Addict. Baldwin continues adding that Nathan "carries the show on his shoulders."

We know Adam's loyal to his bro, but we like to see it as an equal effort between Nathan and Stana.

“He gets to be in the line of fire,” Baldwin reveals of Castle’s time in the field to TV Line. “And that’ll change anybody, getting shot at!”

Change is good, just as long as it doesn't change him too much.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

“He will definitely have a few words of advice, in his own colorful way,” Baldwin tells TV Line.

Colorful is fine — we’re just glad he’s not going to come between them in any obvious way!

Baldwin says the ep includes a few connections that Firefly fans might notice, but “nothing overt.”

Keep your ears open, Firefly lovers. We'll be quizzing you later.

"It's above my pay grade to make that kind of decision, but I will say that you'll love the character,” Baldwin tells BuddyTV.

Well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

To read Adam's interviews in their entirety, head over to BuddyTV, The TV Addict, and TV Line.

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