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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 8: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Stress Over Babies and Basketball

We all know Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom hightailed it out of Dallas last week, but this week on the show they’re just settling into the Big D — but not without a lot of adjustments.

It all begins with a phone call between Khloe and her adorable grandmother-in-law. Like everybody else, Lam Lam’s elder only has one question for her famous granddaughter-in-law: When the heck are you going to give her a grandchild? Apparently, Grams tells Khloe that her diabetes is wearing her out and she wants to give up, but not until the two of them have a baby. No pressure or anything!

Then, Khloe — still in “save my marriage” mode — invites her hubby out for a romantic dinner, which gets real awkward real quick when the conversation turns to babies. But it’s not just Khloe who’s having troubles — Lamar also admits he’s having serious issues on the court. He says he feels “confused” as a player and is questioning “everything.” That does not sound good.

Then, Khloe — who is essentially friendless in Dallas — calls her sister Kim, who flies in for a visit. After how those two got along on Kourtney & Kim Take New York we’re not sure that a visit from her is the best idea...

On her way to the airport, Khloe has a grand ol’ time dealing with Texas traffic, but we do find out she’s already working on her Southern drawl. “Welcome to the Lone Star state, this is where I live now,” she says. Cute! On the ride home, Khloe brings up Lamar’s problems to Kim, which we guess makes sense with her track record with athletic boyfriends. She’s probably had to deal with a brooding sports player or two in her day.

At the hotel, Kim and Khloe do some sisterly bonding. They also re-hash the horrible fight they had a few months back while Kim was married to Kris Humphries. You know, where Kim called Khloe an evil troll? Yeah. That fight will go down in Kardashian history, ya’ll.

Then Khloe brings up the fertility issue with Kim. Although she doesn’t admit it, Khloe seems a teensy bit jealous that their other sister Kourtney is pregnant again. (Especially when we all know about her and her beau Scott Disick’s own troubles in the boudoir. For real though, is Kourtney getting pregnant by osmosis or something?)

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Speaking of troubles, we then get to witness Lamar’s court problems firsthand. Eesh. The lanky NBA star is visibly depressed and tells reporters he’s missing L.A., but also says “things look promising” in Dallas. Oh, if only we didn’t know the horrible truth.

After his less-than-stellar game, Lamar gets an e-mail from his old coach Phil Jackson, basically telling him to get it together. Talk about adding insult to injury!

The next day, the sisters K (minus Kourt) grab lunch at Palomino, and Khloe tells Kim she thinks “Mr. Lammy’s” basketball problems don’t have anything to do with basketball at all, but are actually a result of unprocessed grief. Lamar lost a son and a cousin within a short time span, and according to Khloe he never really dealt with either. What’s a good basketball wife to do?

Back at home, Khloe gives us a taste of what life as a reality star is really like when she reads Kim a card from a woman — who admits she is childless, man-less, and jobless — volunteering to be her surrogate. Creepy! Needless to say, we know why this woman doesn’t have any of those things!

Khloe just wants everyone to lay off. Of course she wants kids, but this is all getting a little ridiculous.

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At dinner, Kim, Khloe, and Lamar make a toast to “Dally” (a.k.a. Dallas), and maybe it’s just the bubbly, but Kim gets brave enough to ask the tough questions. She asks Lamar how he’s adjusted to the move, and he admits he’s super uncomfortable.

Then Khloe brings up the fact that Kim had asked her if she was jealous about Kourtney being pregnant again. Although Khloe continues to deny being jealous, Lamar says he felt that way — but just for a split second.

When the sisters take a trip to the zoo, Kim’s still saying whatever she feels. She points out a half-black and half-white swan and tells Khloe “It’s kinda like what your babies would be!” She then suggests being proactive if she truly wants to get pregnant. Khloe says she’s not ready to do In Vitro or other fertility treatments because there’s nothing wrong with her, and Kim thinks her sister should be doing more. “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” Khloe reasons, adding that if she’s “away from the stress” of her overbearing family, maybe a baby will pop out. (Sadly, we all know now that didn’t happen. But it was a pretty good theory, right?)

Khloe comes home pissed that Kim’s visit hasn’t lightened the mood. Um, we hate to say it, but since when has spending time with Kim ever been a stress reliever?

Naturally, Khloe then turns to her other (and currently pregnant) sister, Kourtney. Kourt insists Kim isn’t trying to cause problems, but agrees Khloe shouldn’t stress over other people’s expectations, saying it’s supposed to happen when it’s supposed to happen. Well, yeah. Easy for her to say.

But at the end of episode, it looks like things might be looking up for at least one half of Khlomar. Over at Dallas’ American Airlines Center, Khloe not only apologizes to Kim for overreacting, but Lamar also gets his game back. Yay! Could this be a turning point?

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