The Pauly D Project Ratings Tank — Are Jersey Shore Spin-Offs a No Go?
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Jersey Shore

The Pauly D Project Ratings Tank — Are Jersey Shore Spin-Offs a No Go?

Sorry, Pauly D fans. The DJ's Jersey Shore spin-off, The Pauly D Project, debuted with decent ratings a few weeks ago, but its number have quickly dropped since the premiere.

Last week, the show drew in less than 1.7 million viewers, which is way down from the 3.2 million that tuned in during week one — not to mention the 5 million who watched the already relatively low-rated Jersey Shore Season 5 finale. People may have been curious to see what the first ever Jersey Shore spin-off was about, but it seems like they didn't like what they saw.

Of course, this raises the question: Is the problem Pauly (or the exact format of his show), or are Jersey Shore spin-offs a bad idea in general? We would guess that Snooki and JWOWW vs The World has the potential to do much better than The Pauly D Project by virtue of having Snooki's pregnancy as a draw, but that's a fluke that can't be counted on.

Ronnie has said the rest of the cast would be open to doing their own spin-offs, but the more Pualy D's show tanks, the less likely we think more spin-offs are.

What do you think: Are The Pauly D Project's iffy ratings a sign that Jersey Shore spin-offs are a bad idea?

The Pauly D Project airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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