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Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 21: “Headhunters”

Ever since Beckett’s big reveal, our two charming leads have been spending less and less time together, but last night’s new eppy included a few cute moments that make us think maybe there’s hope for these two yet.

Did you catch all the Caskett moments last night? Take a gander at the best (and by best, this time we actually mean worst, too) Caskett exchanges from Season 4, Episode 21: “Headhunters” below!

4. Good Partners

Slaughter punches Castle in the stomach before leaving the precinct. While our adorkable crime writer is still keeled over, Beckett walks his way. “Thanks for your help,” he says. “No problem, Castle. It’s what partners are supposed to do.”

We sense a hint of sarcasm there, but it was still a nice moment.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. Beckett Chides Castle

When Castle saunters into the precinct with Detective Slaughter, their two suspects, and one helluva bloody nose, let’s just say his colleagues are not impressed.

“You’re a writer, Castle, not a cop.” Beckett says, angrily. Although Castle is too clouded by all the excitement to see it right now, we all know Beckett’s looking out for his best interests. And that is cute.

2. Beckett Saves the Day

At first, Beckett seems to have washed her hands of Castle and his new, potentially lethal friendship with Slaughter. “If the guy is hell bent on leaving the nest there’s nothing that I can do about it,” she tells Esposito. But he (and we) can see right through her. “You don't really feel that way, do you?” he responds.

Apparently not, since later, we find out Beckett was working BTS investigating the case the entire time. She plays coy, acting mad at Castle for coming to her for assistance, but then pulls out a traffic cam shot that clears Valez.

“You did this for me?” he asks, to which Beckett smiles shyly. Aww.

1. Beckett Lights Up

At the ep’s beginning, Castle enters the precinct with two coffees in hand. Apparently, he hasn’t been around in a while, and Beckett is more than delighted to see him. Sadly though, her happy demeanor quickly changes where she realizes he’s there to ask about Slaughter and the severed head case — not really check on her. Wah wah.

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