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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 22 Spoiler: How Will Mark Handle Julia’s “Family” Proposition?

We don’t know about you, but we were overjoyed to see Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) looking so flirty during their elevator ride on Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 19: “Support System.” And with recent spoilers hinting at a Slexie reunion, we were taken aback by the news that Mark’s current flame Julia is still very much in the picture.

According to the ABC episode synopsis, on Season 8, Episode 22: “Let the Bad Times Roll,” “Julia asks Mark to start a family with her.” Considering that Mark has only been with Julia for a few months, this is awfully forward for the opthamologist, right? Not to mention the fact that Lexie, who we would argue is his soulmate, is finally starting to come around to realizing they’re meant for each other.

We could see a situation where Julia does tell Mark she wants to have children with him, and he realizes what a big decision having another baby would be. After all, he already has a grown daughter, and Sophia was a happy accident. If he were to have a baby with Julia, his chances with Lexie would probably be gone forever. Getting close to him in spite of his other children was one of the major reasons Lexie couldn’t commit to him in the first place.

We predict that this will mean the end of Mark and Julia, once Mark realizes that, if he’s going to start another family, he could only see himself starting it with Lexie.

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