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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Thinks Alexis Is Phony on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 10 (VIDEO)

For ladies who are more accustomed to riding in limos than building fires, there’s a new invention called “glamping.” The Real Housewives of Orange County take on the portmanteau of “glamorous camping” in Season 7, Episode 10 when Alexis invites them all to a cabin in Santa Barbara. She even invites her new sort-of frenemy, Heather. Since they’re both sporting doo-rags, we hope it means they’re getting along but no such luck.

In a sneak peek video for the episode, Alexis discusses the list of things she lost when her house was broken into (an $80,000 watch of her husband’s and his wedding ring). Ever helpful, Heather tells the ladies to have their wedding rings appraised regularly, as the price of diamonds is escalating. Luckily for Alexis, she has it covered. “I wear a fake one most of the time,” she reveals. “Because if they take that, take it. Like, who cares,” she says. Heather is baffled. If the ring’s insured, why not wear it? Alexis explains, “I will never get my diamond again. This is what my husband gave me.” Okay, that strikes us as sentimental, but Heather smells something faker than cubic zirconium.

“Something about what she’s saying all the time with me seems slightly phony,” Heather tells the camera.

Oh, Heather. All of Alexis’s plastic surgery is probably just clouding your judgment.

Source: Bravo

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