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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Recap of Season 4, Episode 17: “Suddenly This Summer”

Everyone stop what you're doing and grab some form of protection, because Ricky's studly pheromones are on the loose and they're taking down ovaries left and right.

Rumor has it that one of our nearest and dearest Secret Lifers might be pregnant, and let's just say we're not surprised. We're shocked!

Baby Makes Four!

Has anyone else noticed that Amy's been kind of moody lately? The last time this girl was so snarky, she was pregnant. Oh, wait …

This week, Amy's crazy mood swings take a turn for the worse when she tries to ditch babysitting John and Robbie to meet up with Lauren for some girl time. Amy whips her hair back and forth in a fury when Anne and George dare to tell her they don't feel comfortable with Ricky and Nora watching the kiddos, and she storms off in a rage.

Poor Amy is getting cold feet about marrying Ricky, but luckily she has Lauren to turn to. As soon as Amy gets to her bestie's house, she has a breakdown about how unprepared she is to become Ricky's child bride, and then confesses that her period is late! Turns out, she and Ricky stopped using condoms as soon as they got engaged, but we all know the truth: Ricky impregnated Amy with a mere wink of his eye.

When Amy gets back from Lauren's house, Ricky's stud senses go on red alert and he immediately grabs a box of condoms in horror — but don't worry gang. Amy's period comes as soon as Ricky leaves to get a pregnancy test. Phew, close call!

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Lady Love

The mind of George Juergens is a fascinating place filled with meat scraps, frolicking labrador retrievers, and — apparently — lesbian fantasies involving his ex-wife. After George catches Anne and Nora checking each other out, he becomes convinced that his ex-wifey has feelings for Ricky's convict mom.

Nothing could make us happier (and lord knows it would make George's wildest dreams come true), but the problem? Anne insists she isn't gay. She decides to take Robbie on a trip to Europe to get away from her problems –– but could she just be running away from her true feelings for Nora?

Meanwhile, if you thought we'd forgotten about Grace's secret brother from another mother, don't worry. Marshall Bowman's illegitimate love child is always on our minds!

Poor Grace is traumatized over the news that her pops had an affair, so she calls up Jack for a booty call only to reject him as soon as he comes over. Sigh, poor Jack. This kid is one failed makeout sesh away from naming his football Wilson and growing a foot-long beard. Grace probably shouldn't have kicked him out of the house, because her mom gives her the shock of a lifetime when she shows up with Marshall's secret kiddo! Bring on the drama.

While Grace tearfully binge eats cookies (we assume), Adrian's having some boy probs of her own. Omar wants more out of their relationship than just hanky panky, so he and Adrian chat about her life instead of doing the deed. Surprisingly, Adrian realizes there's more to having a boyfriend than sexperimenting in the bedroom, and it looks like she found love in a hopeless place after all. Awww!

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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Our boy Ben is still on a mission to make Dylan his future bride (third time's a charm!), so he decides to chat up her parents in the hopes of winning them over. His method? Telling them all about his prostitute step-mom. Fail, Ben. Fail.

Unfortunately, Dylan's parents won't let her date Ben, thanks to Betty's sordid history as a hooker, so Dylan's friends try to convince HRH The Sausage King to rectify the situation. Leo calls Dylan's dad to clear Betty's name, but the rentals still won't let Dylan date Ben. Maybe they're just worried about his addiction to sausage? Join the club.

Of course, Ben isn't the only meat-loving royal with problems. Leo gets an unwelcome visit from Betty's divorce lawyer, who says Betty wants three million dollars. Leo decides to send his ex-wifey a check, but she turns up at his house to give it back and they have a major bonding moment.

Awww, so glad these two will remain friends! And maybe even friends with benefits if Betty ever decides to revisit her past …

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