The Real Housewives of Orange County Critique Alexis’s Fox 5 Hosting Segment
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The Real Housewives of Orange County Critique Alexis’s Fox 5 Hosting Segment

In Season 7, Episode 9 of Real Housewives of Orange County, star Alexis Bellino interviewed some experts about how sexuality in the media affects children for a Fox 5 newscast. The segment didn’t win over newcomer Heather Dubrow. In her new Bravo blog, the brunette pokes fun at Alexis mispronouncing her interviewee’s name and called Alexis’s interview “hard to watch.”

The newbie scolded, “First rule of ‘journalism’: know the name of the person you are interviewing! Also, let your guests talk! This is supposed to be a conversation — not a soliloquy!!!” Heather also had an issue with her co-star’s wardrobe, saying Alexis shouldn’t wear a cleavage-baring top on TV when complaining about sex in the media.

Tamra Barney was also horrified by Alexis’s interview. “YIKES!” the newly engaged Housewife writes — and leaves it at that. But even more upsetting for the 40-year-old blonde was Alexis’s dinner with her husband, Jim. During the meal, Jim essentially urged Alexis to quit her job — not because he doesn’t think she’s a great interviewer but because as a wife, he believes she should stay home. Hello, 1950s! Tamra wrote that Jim’s sexist behavior was “degrading,” but she admitted she was proud of Alexis for sticking up for herself. “I think I know where this is headed,” she wrote of their relationship.

As for Alexis herself, the gorgeous blonde seems to be in denial about both aspects of her life. “I love my Lifestyle Corespondent [sic] role at Fox Five! It is so exciting, yet challenging, and has opened so many other doors for me,” writes the star, unaffected by her less-than-stellar performance.

She also defended Jim’s opinions on her career. “I love that man and I value his advice!” Alexis says in her blog. “He has always truly been 100 percent supportive of my career and 100 percent honest with me.”

Alexis might not need the money she’s making for the Fox 5 hosting gig, but perhaps a reality check is in order?

Source: Bravo

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