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The Kardashians

Top 10 Quotes From Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 8: “Under Pressure”

Last night’s Khloe and Lamar Season 2, Episode 8 was so deliciously full of snappy one-liners, we had a hard time narrowing them down to just 10. What can we say? Those K-dashes are a clever bunch! So, without further ado, here they are — the best of the best from last night’s ep.

10. Grandma Knows Best
Mrs. Odom: Well, I’ll tell them how to get a baby. I had five!

9. Khloe Deals With Texas-Sized Traffic
Khloe: F**king a**hole in a pickup truck. What a f**king dick. F**king a** wipe.

8. No Pressure
Khloe (about Mrs. Odom): She was like, “This diabetes is gettin’ me. I’m too tired. It’s time for me to go soon, but I’ll try to hold on until you have a baby.”

7. Spoken Like a True LA Girl
Kim (about Dallas):
Isn’t it a clean city?

6. Well, Now It’s Back to the Drawl-ing Board
Khloe (in southern accent):
It’s beautiful here. The Lone Star State. This is where I live now.

5. Oops! Forgot About That
Don’t ever let anyone tell you they love you more than me. Who came to visit you first?
Who was mean to me for an entire six months?

4. Bad Joke?
Khloe (about Lamar):
I think he’s on suicide watch.

3. Sounds Promising
Khloe (reading letter):
I would offer to be a surrogate, even though I’m post-menopausal.

2. #BabyProblems
I don’t know when I’m ovulating anymore. I’m so confused.

1. Kim Makes a Funny
Kim (to Khloe):
It’s half black, half white. Kind of like your babies would be!

04.17.2012 / 12:53 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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