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Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 20: “Salon of the Dead”

Gossip Girl can really pack a ZINGER of a punch when it wants to — and we got one such punch in last night’s all-new Season 5, Episode 20, “Salon of the Dead." But that wasn’t all!

Here are our Top 5 OMG moments from the episode:

5. Serena kills Lola's audition, reaches new low

Apparently Serena's desire to be top dog is stronger than her desire to be, like, a good person? Who treats a cousin like this? Lola questions the relevance of an unknown-entity and S feels so threatened that she has to take aim at Lola's career? Her LIFE? Low, Serena. Real low.

4. Lily cuts Rufus off

Yeah, guys. Ivy is still a thing. And Rufus — in a move that's so totally Rufus-y — took pity on her broke butt and put her up in a hotel. Ruf, don't you know your lady well enough to have seen her finger-wagging wrath comin'? We do... But what we DIDN'T see coming? Lily cuttin' off her arm candy to the degree that the poor guy's debit card was rejected while he was drowning his sorrows in a beer at the corner pub. Ouch.

3. Lola retires from the UES

But will she stay gone? Rumors abound that the vdWs will be battling it out with Ivy in the weeks to come — is it really possible that Lola's involvement in the tale AND the question of her paternity won't keep her around a little longer? We doubt it!

2. Diana has ANOTHER secret

Jaw-droppers come aplenty with the likes of Diana Payne around! You thought her BIG secret was THAT secret? Nahhh. Gossip Girl's got another one on her! Is it BIGGER? We're not so sure. We also think it might have a lil' somethin' somethin' to do with Papa Bass bein' 'round the GG set recently.

And the #1 OMG Moment is...


No number of exclamation marks will suffice, will they? We know this was supposed to be obvious, but we'd argue it absolutely didn't affect the impact! And even more shocking was the unveiling: Newbie Lola live-streams Diana telling Serena Chuck's darkest secret?! COLD. That look on Chuck's face as he laid a verbal smack-down on Diana in front of Dair's party guests was so sad that we feel bad totally.freakin'.loving this moment. One for the GG history books for sure.

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04.17.2012 / 10:53 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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