Tristan MacManus Refuses to Undergo “Nightmare” Of DWTS Spray Tans Ever Again
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Dancing With The Stars

Tristan MacManus Refuses to Undergo “Nightmare” Of DWTS Spray Tans Ever Again

It's the new trend for the hottest pros on Dancing With the Stars — just say no to spray tans.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who was such a crispy brown on the Season 14, Week 5 Performance Show he was almost sent back to the kitchen as burnt, claims he never gets the DWTS spray tan treatment. And Tristan MacManus, rarely darker than the milk in a cup o' tea, toldEntertainment Weekly he will never be sprayed again.

"Uhhhh, no, no, I don’t like getting ‘em done," Tristan said in his Week 5 chat with EW. "I tell ya, I did get it done once, on my very first show with the Troupe ... Oh my God, a nightmare. I got it done because my naivete said you have to do everything you’re told when you’re here. So I got it done the first week, and then — can’t remember who it was — told me 'Are you serious?' So I haven’t had it done since then and I have no intention of getting it done. It already annoys me that they put makeup on you for the show. But that’s television, I guess. Yeah, spray tans are not for me."

Tristan was asked about Maks, who keeps repeating that he does not get spray tans. Is he for real? Tristan replied, "He’s always complained about them as much as I have, so. He just might have a really white body, so they need to put makeup on him. That’s what it is!"

Ha! Read Tristan’s full Q&A for more pearls of Irish wisdom. He should really come with a cuteness warning label.

Find out who gets sent home on DWTS tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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