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What to Expect in Revenge Episode 17: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo

Revenge has been tempting us with multiple previews and promos so we can prepare for the show's return this Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

With nothing to do but wait, we’ve decided to analyze the show’s official promo using the knowledge given to us in other sneak peek clips.

Our first reaction of Daniel shoving Emily and shouting, “Don’t lie to me” is to think that he’s found out about her plot for revenge. But we know from Nolan’s recap that Daniel has seen her cozying up next to Jack Porter in the courtroom.

There was probably nothing scandalous going on, but Daniel’s a bit on edge these days (being in jail and all), so it’s best not to test him. Also, we know that the Graysons want to pin the crime on Jack, so Emily cozying up to him probably isn’t the best idea.

Up next is Victoria and her lover, Dominik Wright, in a passionate embrace. No new information here.


But then Conrad says, “What on God’s earth have you done?” followed by the much-anticipated scene where Daniel gets attacked in jail.

If our predictions on Victoria’s “shocking action” are true, Victoria ordered Daniel’s attack with the hope that he’ll be released from Rikers for his own safety. That would explain Conrad’s comment, as well as some upcoming clips in the promo.


Next, we see a flashback of Emily Thorne as Amanda Clarke, complete with bangs and kicking the crap out of a man lying on the ground. We’re not sure who the mystery man is, but chances are he has something to do with her web of vengeance.


Then we see a person wearing black gloves and women's boots placing a red rose on a snow-covered grave. Since it’s currently summer on the show, we can assume that this is a flashback. Our guess is that it’s either Victoria or Emily placing a rose on David Clarke’s grave.

Next, we see Victoria slapping Charlotte. We all knew it was coming. It could be a result of her drug use, but it’s more likely that Charlotte called Victoria a whore, or even more offensive, a Kmart shopper.


Linking back to our earlier predictions, we see Emily and Daniel walking in peacoats past a group of picketers and photographers. If Daniel were still in Rikers, he wouldn’t be outside wearing a caramel-colored coat. He’d be inside in an orange jumpsuit. So we think Victoria’s plan worked.

Then, Emily shoves Nolan up against the wall. Chances are his alliances have gotten confused again, and he’s working with Takeda. If Emily can’t trust him, does he have any chance of survival?

Then, Jack smacks his towel down on the bar while talking to Nolan. Nothing too exciting here. As we saw in a preview video, Jack smacks his towel down in frustration over the unanswered questions about Amanda Clarke. Get over it already, Porter!


And the promo ends with Emily Thorne saying, “How did I not know this?” Uh-oh! A plot twist that Emily wasn’t prepared for? The last time that happened was when Tyler Barrol stepped into the picture. And we all know that didn’t end well.

What do you think of the episode’s promo? Will you watch on Wednesday? Comment below!

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