Breaking Down the Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 4 Preview: What Happens In the Episode?
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Game of Thrones

Breaking Down the Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 4 Preview: What Happens In the Episode?

The Game of Thrones cast and crew aren't exactly forthcoming with the spoilers, so even the most devoted book fans are left wondering what, precisely, will happen on each next new episode of the hit series.

Fortunately, we do have the previews to help us out. We've read the press release about the episode, and closely examined the preview for Season 2, Episode 4: "Garden of Bones" (which you can watch here). This is what we can glean about what's going down in Westeros and beyond this week:

Littlefinger visits Renly: Littlefinger hops on over to Renly's camp. In the preview, he tells Renly "you still have many friends at court, Your Grace." Loyalty is not one of Littlefinger's strong suits. That said, we imagine he's also there at least in part to carry out a specific mission — remember, Tyrion mentioned wanting Littlefinger to talk to Cat about releasing Jaime on Season 2, Episode 3: "What Is Dead May Never Die."

Team Stannis in darkness: "Strange that this Lord of Light asks you to work in the shadows," someone — probably Davos — says; we're guessing he's talking to Melisandre, since we next hear her say "are you afraid?" We also see Mel in a boat in the dark, and Davos holding a lantern. Secret mission? (Book readers probably have a good guess.)

Stannis vs. Renly: According to the press release, Cat tries to bring these estranged brothers together. In the preview they do meet up, but they don't look happy to see each other. "No one wants you for their King," Renly tells Stannis, who clearly does not care what anyone wants. Rules are rules, Renly!

Robb at war: Meanwhile, Robb continues to successfully wage war: "Five Lannisters dead for every one of ours," one of his men reports as they walk through a field littered with bodies.

Joffrey is still the worst: According to the press release, Joffrey is still his usual awful self this week, and in the preview we see Sansa on her knees in front of his throne, being stripped by his man as she cries. "You're here to answer for your brother's treason," he says. Seriously, he's the WORST PERSON.

Dany finds a city: It's called Quarth. The problem? It's not exactly a welcoming place. "Every time the Quarthians shut their gates on a traveler, the Garden of Bones grows," Jorah warns. Sounds lovely. Later we see an army march around while Jorah warns Dany to be careful. We're guessing she'll do whatever it takes to get her followers into the shelter of the city.

Arya at Harrenhal: The press release explains that Arya winds up at Harrenhal, the "cursed' castle mentioned last week, which is currently in the hands of Lannister men. It looks like the castle is a less-than-pleasant place to be, and Gendry gets singled out for something.

Catch the next episode on Sunday, April 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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