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Castle and Beckett’s Best Innuendos From Castle Season 4, Episode 21: “Headhunters”

Sources say 93 percent of communication is nonverbal, and so far, Castle Season 4 has been a total testament to that.

It’s what Beckett and Castle haven’t said to each other that’s really piqued our interest. We blame it on that L-bomb, but whatever the real reason, Castle and Beckett have had a hard time saying what they truly feel this season.

Never fear, though, we’ve been trained to read between the lines, and we’re here to decode Caskett’s cryptic relations. Check ‘em out below:

6. Castle's Ain't Gettin' Any

What Happens: When Castle confides in mama Martha that he's suffering from a severe case of writer's block, she suggests shadowing Beckett on a new case. Ever the stubborn son, Rick shoots down her advice and says he wants to meet that guy, pointing at the TV — meaning Det. Slaughter.

Martha reminds Castle that he already has a muse, to which he quips, "Muses are to provide inspiration, and right now, I ain't gettin' any."

What It Really Means: Aside from the obvious double entendre — that Castle's in need of some good, old-fashioned lovin' — it's clear that writer's block isn't Rick's problem at all. What this mystery novelist needs is real love. Kate Beckett's love.

5. Good to See You … I Think?

What Happens: When Castle gleefully waltzes into the precinct with a cup o’ Joe for Beckett, the adorable brunette cop turns silly with glee. She smiles widely and her voice gets about three octaves higher. That is, until she realizes he’s not actually there to check up on her.

What It Really Means: Hello, Castle! Beckett is totally excited to see you after you’ve gone MIA! Which also means, girl is totally dying without you in her life.

4. Beckett’s Cause for Concern

What Happens: When Castle saunters into the ol’ 1-2- with Slaughter and their suspects, Beckett is not pleased. She tells him Slaughter is going to get him killed, and also yells at him for letting Slaughter use their interrogation box without anyone’s consent.

What It Really Means: First of all, we all know this isn’t about an interrogation box. And second of all, the only reason she fears so much for his safety is because she’s in lurrve!

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. Beckett’s Therapist Sesh

What Happens: Beckett reveals her current issues with Castle to her therapist, and laments “What if I waited too long? … What do I do?” He responds, “What do you want to do?” and she goes silent.

What It Really Means: Well, we hope it means she’s thinking that she needs to tell Castle her truth — but we don’t actually know.

2. “There’s Nothing I Can Do” — Or Is There?

What Happens: After Castle’s brush with death, Esposito urges Beckett to say something to her crime writer lover. Beckett says there’s “nothing” she can do, but E knows better. Later, Castle turns to Beckett for help, and turns out she had been investigating for him the entire time.

What It Really Means: Sure, Beckett didn’t directly interject, but she managed to save him from Slaughter in the end anyway. And she definitely managed to save a poor innocent guy from giving a false statement and probably getting himself killed.

The fact that Beckett did some digging — despite it being against protocol — shows she still has Castle’s back — even though nobody knows if he has hers right now.

1. Partners-in-Crime

What Happens: At eppy’s end, Castle thanks Beckett for her help on closing the case. Beckett responds, coolly, “It’s what partners are supposed to do.”

What It Really Means: While she’s obviously pointing out the fact that Slaughter was not a good partner to Castle, we also think Beckett was shining light on the fact that Castle hasn’t been there for her lately either, but she’s still going to be there for him. Because, well, that’s what partners do.

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