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Jersey Shore

Snooki Loses Her Famous Orange Tan For Her Baby (PHOTO)

Could the world’s most famous tan guidette be ditching the orange-hued look? Judging from these before and after shots, Snooki is definitely getting more and more pale.

Snooks recently posted a photo of herself heading to a baby shower (right) and we couldn’t help but notice that her skin looks dramatically paler than her usual shade of burnt sienna (left).

Pregnancy has had a profound change on the Jersey Shore star, forcing her to ditch her party lifestyle and start to lead a more adult life. And maybe Snooki’s new life includes ditching the fake bake spray tans she and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast so enthusiastically partake in.

According to pregnancy blog The Bump, most spray tan and self-tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (or DHA) which may or may not harm the fetus. Most doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid spray tanning and self-tanners all together. Since we know that Snooki is taking her pregnancy very seriously, we applaud her for choosing to embrace a guidette’s worst nightmare (that is: go pale) for the safety of her baby.

Then again, we don’t know for sure if Snooki is temporarily ditching the self-tanner. Maybe she is just looking more pale because it is winter? Or maybe the camera’s flash washed her out? Either way, we hope that the reality star considers ditching self-tanners (even her own successful brand of self-tanner) in the interest of her baby. Nothing wrong with losing a little bit of your tan girl-ness, Snooki! Besides, we fully expect her to be dipped in bright orange fake bake once she gives birth.

UPDATE: Snooki's new pale shade is intentional! The reality star recently tweeted that she "can't tan" because she is expecting.

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Source: The Bump

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