Marlo Hampton Says the Smalls Aligned to Attack NeNe Leakes
Credit: ©2010 Pamela Mougin via Facebook    
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton Says the Smalls Aligned to Attack NeNe Leakes

The battle between the Smalls and the Talls has been raging since the beginning of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and it carried us all the way through the reunion.

Even though Marlo Hampton isn’t a “real” housewife she hasn’t been shy about vocalizing her support for the Talls. In her latest blog for, Marlo criticizes the Smalls for their behavior during the reunion.

Marlo writes, “The Smalls had clearly been holding a lot inside. Though there were moments when they seemed to stand apart, in their attacks on NeNe they aligned from the start.”

At times it did seem like the Smalls were ganging up on NeNe Leakes, but some of NeNe’s behavior this season was so questionable, that we can’t say we blame them.

Marlo also expressed her surprise that the children of the h’wives were discussed on the reunion.

“I was shocked that anyone would try to use children as a line of attack. Isn't that bad etiquette to try to embarrass someone's child?,” she writes.

“Though NeNe read her [Sheree] nicely, it should still never have come to that. Seems dangerous ground to tread when your own children are still young. Who knows what the future might hold for them?,” Marlo continued.

While we agree with Marlo that the children should be off-limits, she seems to imply that Sheree Whitfield’s kids could have troubled futures of their own — why can’t these gals just get along!