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Revenge Spoilers: New Treadwell Report Reveals Who Declan Throws Under the Bus!

We told you this wouldn’t be the last of Mason Treadwell!

The journalist turned corrupt biographer will be back on Revenge in a big way. Like Victoria Grayson used Mason to spread lies about David Clarke’s past, ABC is using The Treadwell Report to promote tonight’s new episode, “Doubt”!

The Treadwell Report is a fake website modeled after Mason Treadwell’s new blog on the show. The last we saw of Mason, he was extremely distraught over his home and manuscript being burnt to the ground.

But it seems he’s back with a vengeance and is not necessarily on Team Grayson anymore. Treadwell’s latest report confirms that Declan Porter tries to save his brother Jack Porter and throw his girlfriend Charlotte Grayson under the bus.

According to The Treadwell Report, Declan claims that “Charlotte Grayson was under the influence of a mind-erasing cocktail of prescription pain pills and champagne the night of the murder -- Porter insists there was no hooded man on the beach, and that the younger Grayson simply invented the theory when she realized her brother might be implicated.”

Those are some bold accusations there, Declan. We all know that he saw Jack on the beach the night of Tyler’s murder, but we never thought he’d go to such extreme lengths to keep Jack safe. Such a blatant lie is bound to come out eventually and both of the Porter boys could take the fall.

But how could Declan do this to Charlotte? He didn’t seem cruel enough to expose her substance abuse problem in such a public way.

One thing’s for sure: The Treadwell Report is our new favorite blog!

Be sure to tune into Revenge tonight, April 18, at 10 p.m. on ABC for the new episode, “Doubt.”

What do you think of the blog? Why would Declan say those things? Comment below!

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04.18.2012 / 11:48 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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