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Jersey Shore

The Situation & Family Will Be Turned Into Comic Book Superheroes. Really.

The Jersey Shore castmates and superheroes don’t seem like a natural partnership. Then again, Ronnie does have a Hulk-like build, Pauly D could surely come up with a few mottos, and we’re sure Vinny would play Robin to any of the guidos’ Batmans.

But none other than The Situation will be the one who has a future in comic books and animated heroes. According to Wizard World, a fantasy comic book publisher and convention organizer, “Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino along with the Sorrentino family have signed a publishing, development, and appearance deal with Wizard World to create and publish a comic book hero based on Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and his family.”

That means that Mike, his mother Linda, his sister Melissa, and his brothers Frank and Marc will all get comic book counterparts. The stories will apparently draw from the Sorrentino family’s real life.

What would a Situation comic hero be like? Would he be able to fake narcolepsy and then sneak up on people? Would he start big fires and scare away his enemies? Could Paula play his Lois Lane?

Most importantly, does this mean that Deena Nicole will be drawn too, thanks to Frank’s relationship with her older sister Joanie?

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Source: Wizard World

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