Disney Week? American Idol Week? 5 New Themes Dancing With the Stars Should Consider
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Dancing With The Stars

Disney Week? American Idol Week? 5 New Themes Dancing With the Stars Should Consider

Some of the Dancing With the Stars themes have been great. Others? Not so much. Season 14's Latin Week was especially good for William Levy and Week 6's Motown theme should be right up Gladys Knight's alley.

What other theme frontiers could DWTS visit — just to keep choreography, costume and music choices fresh and exciting? Here are five ideas.

1. Disney Week
Disney owns ABC and often feeds Dancing With the Stars with Disney Channel favorites like Kyle Massey, Chelsea Kane and Season 14's Roshon Fegan. So why not play to their strengths and fan bases with a Disney theme week? We can picture couples dancing a Waltz to something from Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, doing a Jive to something peppy from Aladdin or maybe just finding a way to make Maksim Chmerkovskiy cry over The Lion King again.

2. History Week
Kristin Cavallari channeled Marilyn Monroe on Season 13, but why not base a week of dances around real-life stories from history? Educate while you entertain! Henry VIII doing the Tango with one of his six wives, maybe Anne Boleyn? A Paso between Marie Antoinette and one of the French revolutionaries? A Quickstep about the Salem Witch Trials? Too weird?

3. Great Romances Week
Based on great romances in books, plays, film or TV — just open to romance in general, since DWTS is still about men dancing with women and chemistry is key. Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff did a beautiful Waltz to the Romeo & Juliet theme and that’s the idea for this week. More dances like that. Maybe Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights? Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice? Dr. Zhivago and Lara? Or go really modern with Edward and Bella from Twilight, Jack and Rose from Titanic (although Romeo and Chelsie Hightower already did something like this on Season 12), Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games or Sookie and Bill/Eric/Whoever from True Blood? There are a lot of options here.

4. International Week
Each couple would pull the name of a country out of the bag, then their dance and costumes would have to reflect that country. We'd let the couples choose their dance style from something they haven’t already tackled at this point so no one ends up with, say, "Iceland" and "Salsa." Unless Derek Hough wants to give himself a new challenge?

5. American Idol Week
Yes, Idol airs on a rival network, but it tapes just across the hall from DWTS. Idol stars have trotted across the studio to perform on Results Shows and it’d be great to have them return to DWTS to sing live while DWTS couples perform. They are doing something like that this week with Motown legends performing as the couples dance. So why not have a crossover with Idol stars singing their own tunes — free plug to entice them! — while the DWTS competitors try to interpret the songs, just like the pros do when they dance to live music on the Results Shows? We especially want to see Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, David Cook and Scotty McCreery, but whoever wants to stop by is welcome. That includes you, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson!

What do you think of these theme ideas for future seasons of DWTS? Or are you completely sick of themes and want to go back to no-theme dancing?

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