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The Bachelor

Ex Bachelor Blasts Show for Lack of Diversity: “It’s Clearly Not Right”

The Bachelor is now being sued for racial discrimination and two Bachelor Nation alums — one-time Bachelor Matt Grant and Bachelor (Pad) alum Elizabeth Kitt — talked to RadarOnline about the issue, taking very opposite sides.


On one hand, it’s a little odd that a white British guy is upset that The Bachelor doesn’t reflect the real demographics of the United States. But Matt Grant was not only the Season 12 Bachelor, he was the last “fresh face” the franchise cast before falling into the recycling pattern — plus, he’s the only Bachelor who paid more than lip service (no pun intended) to diversity, dating African-Asian-American Marshana Ritchie until she was one of his final six girlfriends.

“It is clearly not right that after 10 years of successive seasons there hasn’t been a black Bachelor or Bachelorette, especially when we have a black president,” Matt told Matt said he didn’t think any of the producers were inherently racist, but mistakes are being made. “As one of the longest running reality shows on TV, the Bachelor is a national brand, a part of American pop culture and part of the makeup of the country. It should definitely be more racially diverse because it is not reflecting the demographic of the nation right now.” He argued that if the show had more black people involved, then maybe more black people would watch.

Elizabeth Kitt of The Bachelor 14 and Bachelor Pad 1 acknowledged that there is not much diversity on the shows in the Bachelor franchise. Still, she said, “I didn’t hear any racist slurs during filming, so to say the show is racist is going too far, if you throw that out there too many times it is the boy who cried wolf." She echoed what producers have also said — that few contestants of color try out, adding: "I’m a little annoyed by the lawsuit, if you want to be on the show — then apply!"

What do you think? Should the franchise make a concerted effort to be more diverse or stay the course?

Source: RadarOnline

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04.19.2012 / 10:49 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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