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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tamra Barney Says Vicki Gunvalson Called Alexis Bellino “Pretentious” and “Dumb”

There were a few serious moments on last night’s hilarious Real Housewives of Orange County, including when Vicki Gunvalson blamed her dislike of co-star Alexis Bellino on pal Tamra Barney.

Tamra took to her Bravo blog to express her anger over Vicki’s comment that she actually likes Alexis without Tamra “in her ear” telling her not to.

The reality star writes: “What the hell does that mean? Do I have that much influence over Vicki? Does anyone have that much influence over Vicki? That is the biggest crock of s--t I have ever heard in my life.”

According to Tamra, Vicki hasn’t liked Alexis since day one. “She called her pretentious, dumb, fake, a weak woman, and constantly talked about how Alexis couldn't go anywhere without a mirror. She went as far to call her husband a smelly dork,” writes the Bravo star.

Tamra also says she “did not or never will tell a grown woman NOT to like someone” just because she doesn’t. And the real reason Tamra believes Vicki likes Alexis now? Let’s just say she thinks it has a little something to do with her newfound friendship — with co-star and Vicki’s enemy, Gretchen Rossi.

Either way, Tamra says she’s happy for them if they truly are friends. Too bad Vicki probably doesn’t return the sentiment. (Unless of course you count her drunken, 50-percent apology while glamping!)

Source: Bravo

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