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Why Did Emily Take Photos of Victoria Paying For Daniel’s Rikers Attack on Revenge?

On last night’s new episode of Revenge, “Doubt,” we confirmed that Victoria Grayson’s “shocking action” to get Daniel out of jail was to plan an in-jail attack on her son.

She wasn’t quite as stealthy as she’d hoped, because Emily Thorne immediately suspected the plot and followed Victoria from Rikers to a bar where the queen of the Hamptons met a shady-looking man.

“Did your boy get the message?,” the man asked.
“I asked for an assault, not a rampage,” Victoria said.
“You paid for a legit beat-down, that’s what he got,” the man responded.


Emily then used her phone’s camera to snap shots of Victoria handing the man the money.

What purpose do those photos have in Emily taking down the Graysons? Sure, they are evidence of Victoria’s corruption, but bringing down Victoria would also mean destroy any chance Daniel had at getting out of the murder charges.

In the beginning of the episode, Nolan said that Emily was going against Takeda to help Daniel get free. If this is her strategy, then why take the photos?

Thus far, Emily’s been playing the role of devoted fiance well (or is she really playing?). Has she guessed that Victoria might try to accuse her of the shooting? Are these photos her blackmail for staying out of jail?

Potentially. Or maybe they’re a part of her bigger plan to bring down the Graysons. Now that everything’s happened with the murder and the trial, Emily’s plan isn’t quite as transparent. She even seems to have blurred her loyalty lines.

Why do you think Emily took the photos of Victoria paying for Daniel’s attack? Comment below!

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04.19.2012 / 09:26 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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