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True Blood

3 Reasons We Hope Sookie Stackhouse Gets Pregnant on True Blood

Word on the street is that Anna Paquin's knocked up, and you know what that means! Her pregnancy might just be written into True Blood!

In case you need some convincing about why this is the best idea ever, we've rounded up three reasons Sookie Stackhouse should bake a vampire bun in her fairy oven!

1. Vampire Babies

If we've learned one thing from Twilight, it's that vampire babies named Renesme are totally adorable.

Can you imagine how beautiful/terrifying it will be when Sookie pushes a piece of fangtastic fruit out of her looms, Bella Swan style? Bon Temps will finally have a town baby to adore (no offense, Mikey)!

Then again, Alcide will probably fall in love with the kiddo, just like his distant werewolf relative, Jacob Black.

2. It Will Tie Her Down to Bill or Eric

Distraught Truebies have been writing 50 Shades Of Grey-esque fan fiction ever since Sookie broke up with Bill and Eric, but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

If Sookie rebounds with one of these vamps and gets pregnant, she'll be forced to choose between them. After all, Sookie's a traditional Southern gal (minus her addiction to bloody sex), and will probably give a relationship with her baby daddy a shot.

But who will the lucky vamp be? Our money's on Eric, for obvious reasons.

3. She'll Have to Buy Maternity Booty Shorts

Can you imagine how wonderful it'll be to see Sookie pregnant? And by wonderful, we mean completely hilarious.

We're anticipating numerous fashion crimes — mostly involving over-sized shirts, floral jumpers, and possibly maxi dresses (the horror!).

In other words, we seriously cannot wait!

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04.20.2012 / 10:20 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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