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Is Revenge’s Mason Treadwell Going Back to His Honest Journalism Ways?

Last night on Revenge, we saw the return of hard-hitting journalist, turned Victoria Grayson’s lapdog, turned novelist, Mason Treadwell.

With his career destroyed after his home and life’s work were burnt to the ground, Mason was looking to boost his fame again by covering the trial via The Treadwell Report.

At first, Mason was completely in the Graysons' pocket, until he began to believe (with Emily's help) it was Victoria who torched his house. Sayonara socialites!

So, Mason came out with Declan’s story that Charlotte Grayson was on painkillers and alcohol the night of the murder, impairing her judgement when it came to the hooded figure on the beach.

“All I did was report the truth,” he told an angry Victoria. “Once upon a time that was all I cared about. Old habits as they say.”

When Victoria threatened him, Mason said, “It’s a small price to pay to restore my soul."

So it seems the formerly honest journalist is making a comeback, this time as a cutthroat blogger who is only out to report the “truth.”

Will Mason Treadwell continue to report the truth (or at least what he believes to the be truth)? After all, he could reveal what David Clarke told him about his involvement with Victoria. Who knows what else David Clarke told him years ago?

What do you think? Could Mason Treadwell's turn to honesty be part of Emily's revenge plan, too? Comment below!

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04.20.2012 / 01:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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