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3 Reasons Guys Can’t Get Enough of ABC’s Revenge

While Revenge appeals mainly to a female demo (they just love dangling all those Herve Leger bandage dresses in our faces, don't they?), we can't ignore the all the dudes who tune in to ABC every Wednesday night.

The Huffington Post recently ran article entitled "ABC's Revenge: Why Women Can't Get Enough Of This Melodrama," and we're here to tell them not to count out the drama's loyal man-fans — who are more numerous than they'd like to admit. (Trust us, we've caught the show on our boyfriends' DVR queues more than once!).

So, in response, we bring you three reasons why guys can't get enough of TV's hottest new show!

1. Emily VanCamp, Ashley Madekwe, and Christa Allen

Sure, shirtless Josh Bowman and brooding Nick Wechsler leave us swooning week after week, but have you seen this show's leading ladies?!

Emily VanCamp's death stare is enough to bring any guy to his knees, while Ashley's charming British accent and Christa's school girl naivete make them utterly irresistible. Plus, it doesn't hurt that all three have killer legs. (So. Jealous.)

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2. It Keeps Them Challenged

Fact: Dudes love putting stuff together, whether it's an Ikea bookshelf or the clues of a soapy TV drama.

If there's one thing Revenge knows how to do (aside from making our studio apartments feel like roadside shanties, of course), it's keeping us on the edge our seats, guessing where the twists and turns will take us next. And just when we think we have Emily all figured out, she shocks us with yet another kickass maneuver pulled from her arsenal of vengeance.

Try as they might, Revenge's loyal fanboys just can't seem to put all the pieces together … and neither can we!

3. Emily's Packing Heat

East Hampton isn't exactly the Wild West, but there's plenty of action to keep any man entertained for at least 45 minutes. And what makes it even sexier is that Revenge's best sharpshooter happens to wear a skirt.

Guys can pretend they don't like empowered women all they want, but the sight of Emily Thorne with a Glock 17 is almost as titillating as Emily Thorne in skimpy lingerie. Well, almost.

If that doesn't convince your BF to join you on the couch next Wednesday night, it might be time to call Takeda. Just sayin'.

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04.21.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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