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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Smushes in the Shower, Deena Gets Skinny, and Sammi & Ronnie Might Be Back Together: Jersey Shore Week in Review 4/20

- In the words of JWOWW, “If you don’t grab on to anything, you’re screwed in more ways than one.” Check out the rest of JWOWW's classy shower-smushing tips here.

- Speaking of smushing, we found out this week that Snooki's bedroom on Jersey Shore Season 6 might be the smush room. We shudder at the thought.

- Snooks may be living in the nastiest room in the house, but people still love her. TMZ reported that fans went to the Seaside house and covered it in graffiti, including "We love you Snooki" messages.

- In other news, SamRon might be back together! The two were seen at a Yankees game this week. Scandalous.

- In the weight loss department, Deena Nicole is looking slimmer than ever. Check out her bikini-ready bod.

- And who could forget the bizarre fact that The Situation and his family will be turned into comic book superheroes? Um, what?

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