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The Secret Circle

The 5 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 19, “Crystal”

This week's episode of The Secret Circle was a fright-fest full of crazy old men, rampant love children, and the fires of Mordor. We’ve rounded up the top five OMG moments for you to look back on. Enjoy!

1. Diana Is Cassie's Secret Sister, Faye Remains Bitter
After weeks of wondering who John Blackwell's secret love child is, we finally learned the truth! Turns out Diana (Shelley Hennig) isn't the goody-two-shoes we know and love — she has dark magic coursing through her veins and she might go crazy with a bunch of elderberry sticks at any moment. Of course, the most important part about this revelation is that both Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana have made sweet, hipster love to Adam (Thomas Dekker). Talk about sibling rivalry!

2. Adam Morphs Into Tarzan, Our Hearts Go Pitter Patter!
We've always had Agam pegged as the "indoor" type (too busy painting his nails black to go on adventures, mmmmmk?), but this week he proved us wrong. Did you guys see Adam swing across that gigantic cavern on a flimsy rope? Not only did he save the day by pulling a Tarzan, he pirouetted across a dangerous beam, skipped around some flimsy scaffolding, and even tried to disarm a stud. Of course, that last part totally failed (Adam with a gun? Please), but we applaud his efforts.

Credit: Ed Araquel/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

3. John Blackwell Wants to Impregnate Everyone
Prepare yourselves ladies, because John Blackwell wants to impregnate all the witches on the West Coast — and if you belong to Pottermore, that means you. According to Jake's sea urchin grandfather, Blackwell's ambition is for evil to triumph over good, and apparently that means getting tons of women pregnant so the world can be full of his evil babies. Sounds reasonable — but does this mean there are even more of his kids in the Circle that we don't know about?

4. Crystal Skulls Are the New "One Ring"
You know how everyone on the Secret Circle is totally obsessed with their pet rocks? Melissa's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) grandmother has an entire collection of them in her house — that's how bad the hoarding problem is. Turns out that all these crystals unite to form a giant skull, which has the power to rule the world. And by the world, we mean the small podunk town of Chance Harbor. Not gonna lie, we're nerding out just thinking about it!

5. Grandma Jane Dies
Poor grandma Jane (Ashley Crow). After months being locked up in an insane asylum for old ladies, she finally broke free only to have Charles (Gale Harold) accidentally kill her with a witch cruid. Cuel, cruel irony. We'll miss Jane's senile words of wisdom, but considering that Cassie pretty much lived without adult supervision for weeks on end, we're sure everything will be okay. Then again, Cassie managed to massacre a bunch of innocent birds while Jane was gone...

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04.21.2012 / 02:29 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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