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The Secret Circle

The Best Secret Circle Quotes From Season 1, Episode 19, “Crystal”: “Newspapers Are Disgusting!”

This week's Secret Circle quotes were all about rivers of blood and thong-th-thong thong thongs. Two peas in a pod! Check out the top 10 musings from the episode and warning: 2012 is coming. At least according to Jake's crazy grandpa.

1. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) snoops in her mom's room: "I can't believe I just raided my mom’s underwear drawer. No one that old should have that many thongs."
Dawn's always been a Sisqo fan.

2. Jake (Chris Zylka) rags on Callum: "He’s a bottom feeder who just wants our power."
Actually, he just wants a bottle of your bodily fluids, Jake. Nothing wrong with that.

3. Jake checks out his grandpa's house: "It’s a conspiracy wall. A hall of fame conspiracy wall from Salem to Satan, and a lot of weird crap in between."
Yeah, we have one of those above our bed.

4. Faye real talks: "Newspapers are disgusting."
Faye only reads Bop and Tiger Beat.

5. Adam (Thomas Dekker) compliments Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy): "Wow, your grandmother's got a lot of crystals."
Uhhh, girls just wanna have fun?

6. Melissa preps for the mine: "How bad can it be?"
Adam: "Besides old explosives, poison gas, and cave-ins? Not bad at all."
Pretty much what Adam deals with every day at the Boathouse.

7. Blackwell greets Charles (Gale Harold): "Charles, still a ladies’ man I see. And by that, I mean hiding behind them."

8. Grandpa Armstrong gives us a history lesson: "Our existence will be swallowed by a river of blood."
2012, everyone.

9. Adam plays it cool: "We got confused about all the different kind of quartz-es."
Grant: Quartzes?
If Adam says it's a word, it's a word.

10. Faye chats about her mom's diary: "Well, she practiced writing 'John Blackwell' about a thousand times. Let’s just say the rest was rated NC-17."
It's safe to assume Dawn is a huge 50 Shades of Grey fan.

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