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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Fans React to Delena’s Hot Makeout Scene

The Vampire Diaries writers took a leap of faith last night when Damon and Elena played a passionate game of tonsil hockey.

Ian Somerhalder called for reactions about the steamy scene, and fans across the Twitterverse have spoken. The general consensus? You just can’t go wrong with a Delena makeout session! (Okay, Stelena fans may beg to differ.) Check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s round-up of the best cast and viewer reactions below!

Ian wrote: I hear @Chrisgrismer has become quite a controversial director-Damon/Elena smooch? Did anyone like that?Or no?”

And the reactions:

@saphiragurski: Wowza- where can I find a guy who kisses like that? Delena. Is. On. Fire. !!

@I_love_tvdelena: Goodness me! I can't get enough of my Delena kiss! Ahh someone save me”

@saphiragurski: Shirtless Damon has melted me into a hot mess of teenage hormones ;) wonder if those abs are insured? ;P

@bonniejpreston: Underneath all that snark, Damon is a true romantic, with a noble soul. #TVD

TVD executive producer @julieplec: “I think people are just happy because Damon had really good hair in this episode.”

But perhaps our fave?

@shirarose1: If only we could all try to figure out our love lives using the Elena Method...

Source: Twitter

04.21.2012 / 04:43 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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