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Gossip Girl Promo for Season 5, Episode 21: “Despicable B” — Our Frame-by-Frame Analysis!

You’d think Diana’s big secret reveal would turn Nate, seeing as how she’s now officially his best friend’s mom... But it looks like Nate’s as hot ever for Diana in the promo for Monday's Season 5, Episode 21: “Despicable B.” BUT as we all know, looks can be deceiving in Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side, so we take a closer examination of next week’s juicy promo — which, funnily enough, has no “B” in it. Check out our frame-by-frame analysis below to find out what might really be going on in this awkward Chuck-Diana-Nate triangle.


Scene #1: Nate and Chuck conspire.
Nate wants to know where Diana gets her money...

Scene #2: And he’ll do anything to find out.
Even go sleuthing in her closet and underwear drawers. Although a part of us finds it hard to believe that this is actually Diana’s room when Nate looks under the bed and we discover — *gasp* — a pair of kitten heels. Really? We’ve never seen Diana wear a kitten heel in her life. The body-con sporting seductress seems like the kind of person who would use kitten heels as paper weights. Unless the kitten heels are a clue to the other secrets she’s hiding. (Though probably not. Though we wish!)

Scene #3: Nate gets caught!
And Diana purrs a sexual remark as she catches Nate in the act of rummaging through her underwear drawer. (Of course, if there was ever a time for such a purr...)

Scene #4: Nate gets naked!
So he goes to Plan B: strip. We wonder if this always Nate’s Plan B. If it isn’t, it should be. Anywho, we kinda want Nate to really want Diana because the two are so much hotter together than him and (Lola/Raina/Ivy... take your pick!). Although there is the whole “sleeping with my best friends mom” factor that could be awkward down the line. So, is he just trying to distract her? It seems to work when...

Scene #4: Diana kisses him back! But we all know that Diana’s not so easily fooled. Nate’s a hottie — but not so much that she’ll slip and let all her secrets get away from her.


Scene #5: Chuck’s awkward moment.
Chuck seems to have just walked in on Nate and Diana’s bedroom romp, although you can’t tell from the way they’ve edited it if that’s exactly what’s happened. But if it is, can it really be the most scandalous thing we’ve ever seen on this show? Probably not. But still: bleh.

Since it seems that Diana won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it looks like GG is setting us up for a battle of the Basses (even though technically Diana is not a Bass... ) — and that’s exactly the kind of Upper East Side party we’d RSVP to.

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04.22.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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