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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Ben and Courtney Give Status Update: “We Are Not Moving In Together”

The great love of Bachelor Ben Flajnik's life isn't fiancée Courtney Robertson. It isn't even his hair. It's his Jack Russell terrier, Scotch.

"[Scotch] is the screensaver on [Ben's] computer," Courtney told People Magazine at the Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld runway presentation in New York on Monday.

All of Ben's traveling has given him Scotch withdrawal, and not the alcoholic kind. He didn't even want to talk about missing his dog, 'cause it was too painful.

Courtney is also a big animal lover, and not just tarantulas from Belize. B + C were recently in Mexico playing with rescue puppies and Court almost took one home.

"[Ben] probably would have let me get one," Courtney said. Ben replied, "Probably." As if he wears the pants in that relationship! The power rankings are here: 1) Scotch, 2) Ben's sister, Julia, 3) Courtney, 4) Ben.

Speaking of love rankings, Ben clarified that, despite all the back-and-forth rumors, "We are not moving in together. We are taking it really slow."

Eek. Smart or bad sign? Back in March, Courtney told Wetpaint she hoped her move to San Francisco would happen "by summer." But maybe they don’t need to move in together since it sounds like every other day they are traveling somewhere new. Just buy a camper and drive from event to event!