Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 9: Lamar Odom Plays His Old Team
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Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 9: Lamar Odom Plays His Old Team

On tonight’s Khloe & Lamar our favorite reality couple heads back to their hometown — for better or worse!

Lamar Odom seems to be in better spirits since last time we saw him (although we will admit that’s not exactly saying much!). But while dinner with his new team went off without a hitch, Lam Lam’s still super terrified he won’t be “well-received” during his next big game, which just so happens to be against his former team, the L.A. Lakers. As far as most of the Lakers fans know, Lamar left LaLa Land on his own accord (although that’s not exactly the truth). Oh, the pressure!

And with that, Khlomar heads back to the City of Angels, where they both call being in their old hometown a big “tease.” And we can see why: While they’re enjoying a nice couple-y dinner before Lamar’s game, Kourtney shows up with baby Mason — who is legitimately the most adorable (shaggy-haired) toddler on the planet. Who would ever want to leave that face?

One thing we wouldn’t mind leaving in L.A., however, is Lamar’s pal, the always charming Jamie. Jamie shows up to Lamar’s haircut — all iced up, obviously — to chat with his bestie. “I feel like I got traded too, yo, but I’m still here,” Jamie tells his friend. “I don’t get the VIP treatment no more.” Lamar just shakes his head at his friend’s confession. Where’s the “Hello, man, how are you?” Seriously, who’s big night is this again? Way to (try to) steal the thunder, Jamie.

Later that night, Lamar gripes to his wife about Jamie’s self-centered behavior. “He didn’t even say ‘How are you?’” Lamar says. Yeah. We noticed. And we didn’t like it.

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 9: Lamar Odom Plays His Old Team
Credit: Jason Winslow-Brian Prahl/Splash News    

The next day, Jamie “Gimme Gimme” drops by to pick up (free, of course) Lakers tickets from Khloe. But before the sassy star will bestow the tix, she calls the guy out on his selfish ways. “I hate to always be the bearer of bad news,” she starts. Oh man, we know a convo that starts like that never ends well! Except in this case, apparently. Shockingly enough, Jamie admits he may have been a little egocentric when he greeted his pal. After his chat with Khloe, Jamie calls Lamar to reassure him he’s not friends with him “for the perks,” and says he’ll always have his boy’s back. That’s cute... we think?

And then — it’s game time, ya’ll! Lamar’s stepping back into the Lakers Stadium/Staples Center, but this time on the opposing team. Everybody — including Momager Kris Jenner — is amped up, but nobody more so than Lamar. His nerves are visibly out of control! Luckily, Lamar says he feels the love as soon as he steps onto the ol’ familiar court. In fact, the Lakers have prepared an entire montage to the reality and NBA star with highlights and video clips that pay homage to all his years of awesome gameplay. All that anxiety for nothin’!

Although the Mavs lose by 3 points, Lamar seems pretty content after the game. “In order for you to succeed, you have to move on,” he tells reporters afterwards. It’s a nice sentiment, but as we all know, apparently, it didn’t work out so well...

Next week, Momager extradordinaire Kris Jenner gets chummy with Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Rob Kardashian returns in all his grungy glory. Can’t wait!

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